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To Measure Omnichannel Customer Behaviors, Adopt A New Media Equation

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by Tina Moffett, Principal Analyst @ Forrester


  • The pandemic disrupted consumer behavior and created new media habits that have changed the game for marketers
  • Today’s media consumption is more digital than ever before
  • Marketers will need to find new ways to measure the effectiveness of their media in the omnichannel market
  • The author offers three steps to help make this transition
Omnichannel Customer

As a forward-thinking marketer, you understand the importance of evolving with the times. In her article “Adopt A New Media Analytics Equation To Measure Omnichannel Customer Behaviors,” Tina Moffett, a respected Forrester Research analyst, addresses the critical need for businesses to adapt their media analytics approaches in response to the rapid changes in consumer behavior. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards connected television, streaming radio, and other trackable media channels, challenging traditional methods of measuring ad performance across platforms.

Moffett proposes a fresh media analytics equation to thrive in this new landscape that blends media performance with audience insights for more data-driven marketing strategies. The author emphasizes three guiding principles for marketers: customer-focused, values-driven, and informed. She writes, “These principles are the bedrock of your media and audience insights — every analysis you conduct must have these three principles in mind to ensure you’re putting the customer at the center of your media investment decisions.”

The new media analytics equation leverages cross-platform media metrics and audience analysis to optimize integrated planning strategies. Creating a close-to-real-time feedback loop lets you pinpoint the perfect message, channel, and targeted approach to drive incremental conversions. With the right analytics, you can create media efficiency and meet your customers’ needs in today’s ever-changing environment.

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Creating a close-to-real-time feedback loop, where insights inform activation, helps marketers pinpoint the right message, channel, and targeting strategy to drive incremental conversions.

Tina Moffett, Analyst, Forrester

Moffett, Tina. “Adopt a New Media Analytics Equation to Measure Omnichannel Customer Behaviors.” Forrester, 25 July 2022,

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