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Thinking Beyond Digital to Get Your Brand to True Omnichannel Marketing

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by Katherine Strieder, Global Chief Product officer at MiQ


  • Omnichannel is hot right now, but far from being a new concept
  • Why marketers are interested in the omnichannel today versus years ago
  • This evolution is driving new interest in data quality
  • Integrating online + offline is the real omnichannel opportunity
true omnichannel marketing

As a marketer, you know the importance of staying ahead of the curve. In Katherine Strieder’s article, “Thinking Beyond Digital to Get Your Brand to True Omnichannel Marketing,” the Global Chief Product Officer at MiQ discusses how the future of marketing is becoming more interconnected and seamless across channels. Strieder emphasizes that omnichannel marketing is about creating a consistent, personalized, end-to-end experience for consumers, and it’s a concept that dates back thousands of years.

“The practice of creating a great end-to-end experience for a consumer is thousands of years old; think of how royals are treated to uphold the brand of the state.” Strieder highlights how the digital landscape has expanded, consumers have embraced it, and digital marketers have matured, resulting in the resurgence of omnichannel marketing. She points out that although 85% of CPG consumer buying still happens in stores, smart companies are finding ways to blend the digital and physical landscape.

Marketers can create sophisticated, engaging experiences across various mediums by understanding consumer behavior and using data effectively. Strieder envisions a future where omnichannel marketing involves engagement across digital and physical landscapes. She believes that the industry is moving in the right direction, but there is still work to be done in revolutionizing the way marketers think about engagement and measuring outcomes.

Eager to learn more? Dive into Katherine Strieder’s insights in her article, Thinking Beyond Digital to Get Your Brand to True Omnichannel Marketing.

The smart companies are figuring out how to put everything together, and the biggest retailers are investing in proprietary tech to do just that.

Katherine Strieder, Global Chief Product Officer at MiQ

Strieder, Katherine. “Thinking beyond Digital to Get to True Omnichannel Marketing.” Ad Age, 25 Oct. 2021,

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