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Creating an Omnichannel Strategy through Influential Touchpoints

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by Meta and Publicis Media Data Intelligence


  • Omnichannel marketing requires a holistic approach to generate demand and build durable brand attributes.
  • Publicis Data Intelligence leverages paid, owned, and earned touchpoints and helps marketers better understand how they can work together.
  • The studies conducted by Publicis and Meta highlight the importance of optimizing all commerce strategies to drive product discovery and lower funnel objectives with online marketplaces.
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As a marketer, you know that developing a holistic, omnichannel strategy is crucial for generating demand and building a durable brand. Publicis Data Intelligence has leveraged its Touchpoints MCA framework, which measures comparable effectiveness metrics across paid, owned, and earned touchpoints for consumers at each stage of their brand experience journey, to help marketers and planners better understand how these channels can work together. Five studies by Publicis and Meta highlight key opportunities and insights in driving media optimization for better consumer acquisition and retention in Southeast Asia.

The studies show that video has the highest engagement rate of all content types, with TV considered the most influential video touchpoint, while Facebook is one of the most efficient video channels due to accelerated digitization and increased mobile video consumption. With the exponential growth of ecommerce globally, it is not surprising that ecommerce is one of the most influential channels, with Shopee and Lazada being Southeast Asia’s most popular online marketplaces. Social commerce is also expected to grow three times as fast as traditional commerce, making it an important channel for marketers to consider.

Robert Fry, Head of Consumer Intelligence APAC at Publicis Media, says, “Touchpoints MCA is a tool that measures the effectiveness of various contacts in a category using a common method and a common unit. Therefore, it provides a yardstick to understand which are the key contacts that drive the category, which contact points are working better for the brand, and which are the ones where money should be saved.”

To optimize business performance, marketers and planners should strike a good balance between effectiveness (influencing power) and efficacy, with a focus on measuring brand contact points and increasing insights through ongoing tracking of marketing activities. If you want to learn more about how to create a comprehensive, omnichannel marketing strategy that drives demand, download the full report, Creating an Omnichannel Strategy through Influential Touchpoints.

…create a seamless experience by leveraging all channels and touchpoints to drive consumer discovery and purchase, while also creating synergy and integration in marketing planning across sales channels, brands, and markets.

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