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Three Leading Brands Aiming for the Future of Marketing

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by Kristen O’Hara, VP of Brand and Agency Solutions at Google


  • The future of marketing is all about being more holistic, connected, and omnichannel.
  • Brands need to supplement their trusted playbooks with the increased insight, speed, and agility that come from machine learning and automation.
  • By adopting automation, brands can unlock their creativity and strategic thinking, focusing on more high-value tasks.
future of marketing

In a world where marketing continues to evolve, it’s crucial for marketers to embrace a unified brand approach that emphasizes holistic, connected, and omnichannel strategies. In this insightful article, the author discusses the importance of balancing tried-and-true advertising tactics with fresh, innovative ideas. By doing so, marketers can adapt to the ever-changing landscape and create a unified brand experience across various channels. As the author puts it, “Delivering continued growth means striking a balance between tested techniques that deliver consistent returns, and the potential upside of new ideas.”

Notable examples of companies that have successfully adopted this mindset include Rothy’s and Discovery+. By leveraging machine learning and automation, Rothy’s grew conversions by 60% and increased revenue by 59%. In a similar vein, Discovery+ utilized automation to refine their creative strategy, resulting in a 17% increase in incremental subscriptions and a 21% decrease in acquisition cost.

By speaking a shared language with CFOs and focusing on business performance, marketers can further reinforce their role as a growth driver. As the article states, “CMOs who can translate their metrics into business impact are 37% more likely to report revenue growth compared to leaders that communicate strictly in marketing language.”

To stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world, marketers must prioritize agility and adopt a learning mindset. By embracing the unified brand approach, they can capture growth now and build resilience for the future. So, why wait? Dive into the full article, Tried-and-New Marketing Approaches, to learn more about how you can create a unified brand experience in your marketing strategy.

When you think in those terms, you will begin to see automation as a business multiplier that scales what’s working for your brand, your team, and your partners.

Kristen O’Hara, VP of Brand and Agency Solutions at Google

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