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How to Use Connected Moments That Matter To Achieve Growth

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by Michelle Whelan, Chief Executive Officer, WPP’s VMLY&R Commerce


  • The success of brands in today’s market relies on recognizing the value of omnichannel shoppers and understanding their needs to create connected moments of functional, emotional, and social value.
  • Companies are using creative strategies and technology, supported by data, to get closer to their customers and deliver more personalized experiences that resonate with them.
  • Brands that behave consistently across all channels and provide engaging experiences in moments that matter to consumers are poised to achieve growth.

As a marketer, you know the importance of meaningful engagement and truly understanding your customers. This article, Connected Moments That Matter To Achieve Growth, shares some eye-opening insights into how consumers are currently engaging with brands. It emphasizes how consumers are “voting with their wallets” and are spending where it matters most to them. One of the core observations is the influence of social commerce, particularly among the younger demographics like Gen Z and Millennials, with over 50% choosing this mode of purchasing.

Michelle Whelan of WPP’s VMLY&R Commerce expresses a powerful sentiment that the “secret sauce of success” lies in recognizing the value of the omnichannel shopper and surpassing the single-channel mindset. What does this mean? As a brand, you need to know your customer intimately, comprehend their needs and understand where and when to offer functional, emotional, and social value. The goal? Creating these connected moments that resonate with your audience and ultimately drive growth.

The article further exemplifies this by sharing some impressive success stories. For instance, Unilever in India has tapped into conscious consumerism with their Smart Fill stations, which are effectively reducing plastic usage, a value their customers deeply connect with. It further emphasizes the role of creativity and technology in fostering these connected moments backed by data. An excellent example of this is Corona’s innovative solution in Mexico that led to a soaring increase in their in-stadium sales volume.

So, what does all this mean for your holistic and omnichannel marketing approach? Recognizing, creating, and capitalizing on these connected moments is the key to achieving growth. It’s about being relevant, engaging, and consistent across all channels. This article is a powerful read that gives you an in-depth perspective on the future of marketing.

The future is all about the past. It’s connecting with people just like we used to before the internet – finding those human connections. Now we have so many more tools: we can use data and find people in all kinds of channels. As a brand, we can follow consumers wherever they are. But creating the human connection is the most important thing. Everything else builds around that.

Lilia Fusa, Colgate eCommerce Channel Lead

Citation: Connected moments that matter to achieve growth: WPP. Home. (n.d.).

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