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The Imperative of Omnichannel Shopping in Modern Brand Marketing

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by Sai Koppala, CMO at SheerID


  • In today’s complex marketing landscape, brands should elevate their versatility by strengthening omnichannel shopping strategies to reach customers, especially Gen Z, across multiple online and offline platforms.
  • A holistic omnichannel approach enables brands to gather invaluable customer data, driving personalized experiences and engagement across different channels.
  • Brands like BestBuy, Nike, and Home Depot have excelled in implementing robust omnichannel strategies that provide seamless experiences and value to customers, thereby showcasing the importance of adopting a connected and holistic marketing mindset.

In the age of increased economic uncertainty and technological advancements, Sai Koppala’s Why Brands Must Double Down on Omnichannel Marketing enlightens marketers on the importance of a holistic and connected omnichannel approach. Given today’s complex marketing landscape, Koppala encourages marketers to elevate their versatility by enhancing their omnichannel shopping strategies.

The article takes into account Adyen’s research findings which suggest that about 48% of Gen Z customers expect a seamless return or exchange of online purchases at physical outlets. This underlines the fact that the future of commerce will be a blend of online and physical experiences. As such, brands need to tap into the potential of omnichannel shopping to cater to the preferences of these digital natives.

Koppala notes that brands like BestBuy have successfully implemented robust omnichannel strategies to provide a seamless customer experience. “One brand that has excelled in developing a robust omnichannel effort is BestBuy, which has created a seamless online, in-app, and in-person shopping experience that provides consumers with the options they crave.” This highlights the need for businesses to adapt to a consumer-centric approach that meets customers where they are.

Moreover, an omnichannel approach allows brands to gather invaluable data across various customer touchpoints. This data is integral in powering a modern marketing program that caters to the needs and tastes of the customers. Brands like Nike have exemplified this by creating a data-driven ecosystem that offers value to consumers while collecting insights for personalization.

Finally, the essence of successful omnichannel shopping is customer engagement through consistent personalization across all channels, as exemplified by Home Depot’s efforts. With this knowledge, it’s high time marketers embraced this connected and holistic marketing trend for an enhanced customer experience. Read more in Why Brands Must Double Down on Omnichannel Marketing.

By their very nature, omnichannel strategies allow brands to extend their data collection methods beyond the confines of digital spaces into the real world, where customers are often willing to provide their data in exchange for personal value.

Sai Koppala, CMO at SheerID

Citation: Omnichannel Marketing Is Critical In A Digital World—Here’s How It’s About To Get Better: Laky, J. Forbes. (2022).

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