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Omnichannel Advertising: A Better Approach or Just an Industry Buzzword?

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by J.D. Blair, Forbes Councils Member


  • Just because a word is a buzzword, doesn’t mean it’s not a significant trend to consider
  • Effective omnichannel advertising requires research, creating personas, developing tailored content, measuring success, and adapting strategies.
  • Targeting consumers with proper content is essential to compete in the segmented media consumption landscape.

As a marketer, you know that the future of marketing is more connected, holistic, and omnichannel. Omnichannel advertising is the process of creating a seamless transition between platforms and channels, including PPC, social media, TV, direct mail, billboards, radio, and blogs, among others, to engage with your targeted demographic. According to this Forbes article, creating an effective omnichannel funnel requires research, identifying the proper channels, creating personas, developing content, measuring success, and adapting your strategy and creative.

The key to effective omnichannel advertising is creating a seamless consumer experience. This means understanding your target audience and creating personas to effectively segment them. By tailoring content to their specific needs and habits, you can create an interaction that resonates on a personal level. The article emphasizes that your focus should be on your customers, not your brand.

Omnichannel advertising requires marketers to adapt

The article highlights the importance of adapting your strategy and creative and always being willing to change. By measuring your analytics, you can understand the success of your current efforts and identify any potential bottlenecks or pain points that may exist on your website. With a roadmap for content, you can constantly measure yourself against what you set out to do.

As the article states, “targeting consumers with proper content is the only way companies can compete as we move forward through space and time.” To succeed in this increasingly segmented media consumption landscape, it’s important to understand and implement effective omnichannel strategies.

In the words of Dave Matthews, “The first step is hardest of all.” So don’t be afraid to take that first step in understanding omnichannel advertising and how it can benefit your brand. Read the full article, Omnichannel Advertising Is More Than Just A Buzzword, at to learn more.

Omnichannel is a term that may be on top of the buzzword heap right now. However, that should not diminish its significance.

J.D. Blair

Citation: Blair, J. D. (2018, June 4). Omnichannel Advertising Is More Than Just A Buzzword. Forbes.

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