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Measuring Omnichannel Marketing Performance

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by Paroma Sen, Director of Content and Media at MarTech Series


  • Understand the importance of both building and measuring an impactful omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • Tie in omnichannel metrics to regular attribution to optimize campaigns and better understand audience engagement.
  • Test and measure ROI of smaller campaigns to optimize messaging and omnichannel standards for larger campaigns.
measuring omnichannel

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial for marketers to adopt a holistic, connected, and omnichannel approach in their strategies. This MartechSeries article delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by marketers who want to optimize their campaigns and better understand their audiences. The article emphasizes the importance of building a strong omnichannel strategy and measuring its success.

As the article states, “Setting in place a regular marketing attribution model to understand how to further segment audiences or achieve better ROI with future campaigns is fundamental in any modern-day marketing journey.” By tying in omnichannel metrics to regular attribution, marketers can better evaluate the performance of their campaigns and optimize them for future success. Knowing which KPIs to measure is essential, as different industries and target audiences demand various marketing messages and tactics.

The article also highlights the importance of testing and measuring the ROI of smaller campaigns and data sets, allowing marketers to optimize messaging and omnichannel standards for larger campaigns. Marketers can gain valuable insights into their target market’s preferences and behaviors by evaluating audience engagement and response.

“Without the right measurement tactics, marketers won’t know what type of marketing initiative is working for them, what needs improvement, or what can be optimized to drive more revenue and conversions much earlier in the customer journey.” You can build more effective, connected strategies that drive results by measuring omnichannel marketing performance.

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When marketers try to run omnichannel campaigns in addition to their regular campaigns, they need to know what to measure to differentiate the ROI levels from the two.

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