[WATCH THE INTERVIEW] Adapting to Data Deprecation and AI in Marketing: An Interview with Collective Measures’ Lauren Beerling

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We recently spoke to Lauren Beerling, Director of Performance Media at digital marketing agency Collective Measures. In this brief interview, we spoke on topics such as performance metrics, artificial intelligence, and the future of marketing. With her razor-sharp understanding of data-driven marketing, Lauren offers some truly insightful perspectives on the current industry and where it’s heading in light of developing technologies.

Data Deprecation: Less Signal but Increased Freedom

Lauren dives headfirst into the topic of data deprecation, discussing the challenges marketers face due to the loss of granular data. However, she suggests that this trend isn’t without its merits. “Over the last few years, marketers have been fixated on channels like paid search, settling at the bottom of the funnel and only harvesting that existing demand,” she explains.

With less data to work with, marketers are now free to explore broader marketing strategies instead of being overly focused on immediate results. “The boom of AI along with data deprecation is nudging marketers to look at the bigger picture, the overall goals, instead of micromanaging every dollar spent,” Lauren says.

Assessing Marketing Campaigns in a Data-Depreciated Era

Despite a leaner quantity of data, Lauren insists that it is still entirely useable, albeit less precise. Marketers are encouraged to adapt to this changing landscape by exhibiting patience and focusing on long-term returns on investment instead of expecting immediate results. “Not having an instant line of sight shouldn’t deter marketers. Instead, they need to tune their reporting cadence aligned with their sales cycle,” she proposes.

Lauren also emphasizes the need to identify other metrics and place values on indicators like website clicks and video completions, which are still readily available and can inform marketers about the performance of their campaigns.

The Gateway AI Opens for Marketers

The conversation turns to the hot topic of artificial intelligence. Lauren points out that while data may be slipping away from the grasp of marketers, AI is still privy to much of this information and leverages it to serve marketers better.

“The advances in AI mean that it can predict behaviors based on historical data much faster and better than humans. It’s efficient and real-time and is certainly making strides in the industry,” Lauren asserts.

In conclusion, while data deprecation may initially seem like a setback for marketers, Lauren has shown that it can be an opportunity for growth and exploration. Coupled with the advancing AI technology, the future of marketing appears to be promising and exciting.

Hear all of Lauren’s thoughts and insights by watching the full conversation – her deep understanding of this evolving marketing landscape will prove to be a treasure trove of knowledge for any marketing professional.

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