[WATCH THE INTERVIEW] Experiencing Retail Innovation with Austin Leonard, Head of Sales at Sam’s Club MAP

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We are excited to present to you the latest installment in our unique and engaging video series, Buzzwords, where we pick the brains of some of the most insightful figures in the marketing industry.

Today, we’re interviewing Austin Leonard, Head of Sales at Sam’s Club MAP, a platform transforming how retail marketers reach their audience. But there’s a twist – he’ll be injecting a special buzzword into his responses. 

Curious to see if Austin is up for the challenge? You should definitely watch the video!

Introducing Sam’s Club MAP

You may have learned in the Skai post, Elevating Your Retail Strategy: The Role of Membership Warehouse Clubs in Omnichannel, Retail Media Success, that membership warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club have a unique benefit to retail media marketers. Because these retailers have such strong relationships with their members, they know what each one of their members buys, which opens up the opportunity for marketers to target them based on purchase history, demographics, recent purchases of similar items, and basket size for every member.

It isn’t guessing and modeling an unknown user on behalf of advertisers.
Sam’s Club MAP (Member Access Platform) is revolutionizing the retail space by ensuring member-centric communication and engagement. It’s a hub where businesses can gain real-time data, target specific member segments, and achieve inventory visibility across all touchpoints. It offers an authentic omnichannel experience by effortlessly blending sales tactics with verified transactions.

Let’s Dive In

This video provides a fantastic opportunity to glean insights from a retail innovator. You’ll learn about the cutting-edge strategies employed by Sam’s Club MAP, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the lessons learned along the way.

So, don’t wait. Tap the play button and immerse yourself in this insightful conversation with Austin Leonard. Remember to listen out for that buzzword and see if Austin can weave it into the discussion!

As always, we look forward to your thoughts, comments, and reactions. Let’s keep the conversation going and the buzzwords buzzing!

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